We are Austinbikes.

We are a bike shop that sells bikes, not a bike store. We'd like to be your service station.

Mission statement: Offer the best, fastest, most comprehensive service available, custom-fit every bike we sell, practice what we preach and most importantly focus on our customers' needs and goals.

OUR goal is to be the best bike shop in the world. From our professional bike fit consulting and custom built insoles to our lightning fast service department we make it impossible to leave here without the Austinbikes Advantage.

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Monday through Friday 10AM-7PM

Sat 10AM-6PM

Sun Noon-4PM

Tune Ups: $50 and up ›

Our most commonly requested bike service.  Whether you are looking for our abbreviated tune up or the most in-depth servicing of your bicycle, our labor rates are competitive and our turnaround is unparalleled in Austin.  Give us a try; you will like the results.


Cyclesoles Custom Cycling Footbeds: $300 ›

Austinbikes is the only licensed & certified Cyclesoles dealer in central Texas. Weighing as little as 17g each, Cyclesoles is the only footbed system on the market that molds you in a correct cycling position, in perfect form & alignment -- and on your own bike. Each footbed is then honed & shaped by hand to fit your shoe. Your connection to the pedals is greatly improved as your foot's pressure profile is optimally distributed....


Pro Bike Fit: $275 or $200/hr. ›

Please call to make an appointment with Sol Frost between 10:00 am and 5:30 pm Monday thru Friday.

Does your bike ”fit”? What does that even mean?

The only thing we take more seriously than selecting the bikes and gear we sell is bike fit. It is widely known that a rider's position on the bike is the single most important factor in achieving...