The Racing Team

The Austinbikes/Revenant Racing Team is something the shop is quite proud of. We'll line up for just about anything...road, dirt, cross, bigwheel, name it. We likes to race with a smile on our face.

A team the likes you have never seen. Magically as if some force greater than all of us trained on central Austin and summoned all those who suffer to 1213 A W. 5th street. The one thing you will find that all A/R racers share is an immense sense of self-realization. YES! we always output: extreme; but that will never interfere with our ability to empathize, relate, bare or depict.

If you are one of us, you'll know. You will find us. Then you will assimilate us. Worry not, even though you just boarded the fastest roller-coaster in the amusement park. You waited in the blazing Texas sun for 3 hours, winding through dank serpentine rope-lines looking at sun-bleached tatoos, sweat-stained tanktops and turkey legs. Well it's time to buckle up and secure all loose objects. Austinbikes/Revenant is not responsible for lost articles.

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Meet the Racing Team


Dean Blackwood ›

I knew that my immediate obligation was to dream. I wanted to dream a man; I wanted to dream him in minute entirety and impose him on reality. After nine or ten nights of furrowed attempts at dreaming, I emerged from my sleep as if from some sort of viscous desert and realized that I had not...

charlie dixon bio pic.jpg

Charlie Dixon ›

I may be in the running for the Team member with the furthest ride to AB. I live in Beaumont.  I grew up in the farmlands of North Dakota but am too much of a wimp for the cold weather so I moved to TX after high school.  I have had a thing for bikes my entire life, growing up living...


Josh Borden ›

By day, he is a real estate investor. By night, he pedals the Peloton of Freedom on his Stork Fenomalist. He is a son, a brother, and a lover.(Easy Ladies) His love for his bike is only out ranked by his love for his family, friends and art.(Tattoos particularly) Raised in Dallas, Josh moved to...


Carey Eskridge ›

CMFE was not so much born as he took form out of the early morning mist on a temperate southern California day in May 1971. If you believe the lore, and you should because not believing the lore is for crybabies and losers, CMFE has been chased by bears, climbed mountains on multiple continents,...


Sam Frost ›

Sam is not only the sibling of co-owner Sol and a master wheelbuilder, he's also the former service manager at AB, and as equally adept at fixing anything on your bike as he is at tearing off your legs.


Sol Frost ›

In case you care to read more than his bio on the "About Us" page, here are a few more tidbits about this modern day renaissance man. Sol likes oranges, his fab-5-freddy family, cutting loose, cutting up, and all his buddies (many featured on this very webpage). He doesn't have any time for...


Rick Hall ›

Grew up in Bloomington In and went to Indiana University but never got to race in the Little 500 so I quit and went on the road with a rock band. 15 years later I went back to school at Ohio State and graduated in 1990 with a business degree and immediately continued with my music career and...


Evan Lambert ›

A low sullen moan escapes his throat as he mashes on the pedals. In a sea of lycra clad bodies he alone stands out, thick-shouldered and massive-thighed he clutches the handlebars with his ham-sized fists and attempts to transfer all of his power through the carbon fiber frame. As the skinny...


Matthew Mahon ›

Shaman, dream catcher, Matthew Mahon is The Total Package. Winning local pie eating contests in Midland, Matthew was able to earn a small sum of money, and bought his first bicycle. He cycled his way to Austin, Texas, where he found a job as a construction worker, and perfected his infamous...


Satoshi Matsumae ›

Regularly functioning as mechanical race support and cheerleader for the Austinbikes Squad, Satoshi delights in supplying all the "Metal" moments in and around a race situation.  He will very likely amaze each team member with his celebrity impersonations while simultaneously truing their...


Marc Mayo ›

A warm summer night, 1971 Marc Ramsey Mayo blessed this world at 5 o'clock in the morning. A long strange trip it has been. Born in Birmingham, Alabama the oldest of 2 siblings. I've been running ever since. True passion was sports where I would finish little league games and then head right to...


Nathan "Nate Dawg" Miller ›

The crusher of bones, the wearer of women's glasses. We know there's more to him than that, but this is all we have to go on...

casey paxton bio.jpg

Casey Paxton ›

Casey hales from Portland Oregon, but somehow managed to escape all the cliches of Portlandia, no skinny jeans, no fixie, and no tat's. However, what's inescapable is pasty white skin and coffee addiction. When he's not dishing out chili rainbows or training he acts like a bike messenger...


Jeremy Ridge ›

Although somewhat new to racing, and even newer to road racing, Jeremy Ridge has been on two wheels for most of his life. Since high school, he'sbeen actively involved in a handful of outdoor activities including kayaking, climbing, riding motorcycles, bouldering, mountain biking, and riding the...


Kevin Schaefer ›

Kevin Schaefer will bring you a big ole box of buttery sweet cookies, lull you into complacency, then hammer the dogsnot out of you. But he's so nice he'll make you like it while he is doing it. His day job you ask? He does something related to video cameras and the state government. We are a...


Shadow Eagle ›

AKA Michael Carey, don't let the boyish good looks fool you. Try and put this tall-boy into a paper bag and he'll unleash all his 75-plus inches on you like a wrecking ball through a Chuck E Cheese.


Nate "Samurai" Sheetz ›

Having cut weight from 440 all the way down to a svelte 5'8"/180 after his embarrassing performance on La Mánie in 2007, Nate is now equally adept at the suicidal early attack, a bit of unintentional cyclocross, or driving to the front right before that one steep hill on the circuit so he can...


Richard Swords ›

Richard "Baretta" Swords. Cagey, steely, and apparently too busy to submit a bio.


Faith Watkins ›

I love cycling. I tried my hand at BMX racing in high school because I dated a dude who airbrushed (yup, I really said that) helmets. I couldn't balance on the gate and I underestimated the "air potential" on the first jump. I think they wanted to cut my pants off because my knee was swollen so...


Noah Wright ›

Noah Wright was raised in the wild forests of Tasmania. With only his wit and cunning skill did he survive this apple state of Australia, moving to the US in later years only to learn that people here don't eat vegemite or grow up watching Agro on the tele. Noah enjoys every food item known to...