Cyclesoles Custom Cycling Footbeds: $300

Austinbikes is the only licensed & certified Cyclesoles dealer in central Texas. Weighing as little as 17g each, Cyclesoles is the only footbed system on the market that molds you in a correct cycling position, in perfect form & alignment -- and on your own bike. Each footbed is then honed & shaped by hand to fit your shoe. Your connection to the pedals is greatly improved as your foot's pressure profile is optimally distributed. The result: an increase in power & comfort while alleviating foot pain, knee pain & hot spots. Cyclesoles are one of the best investments you can make in your quest for cycling perfection & are a superb complement to your Pro Bike Fit. 

 Normal turn-around time on a pair of footbeds is roughly 2 hours from molding to final product. About an hour of this can be spent telecommuting to work via our wireless internet (or) in two shorter appointments. The first, hour-long portion will be spent examining your specific body morphology, explaining the molding process, and finally molding your footbeds in our fit studio on a stationary trainer on YOUR bike. A second/follow-up appointment is a recommended fitment to address any adaptation you may experience due to the newly experienced sensation of adequate arch and forefoot support. If this interests you please call (512)468-9557 or email and let Austinbikes craft your Cyclesoles. You'll be glad you did. Or click HERE to visit their website and learn everything else you might want to know about Cyclesoles.


Testimonial: Heath Blackgrove on Cyclesoles.

     As a full time cyclist for more than 10 years I have used numerous custom innersoles in my time. I have a very high arch and am extremely fussy when it comes to my soles, often taking months of adjusting to get them right.

     Changing to Cyclesoles was a pleasant surprise and I was very happy to have them molded, made and adjusted in a couple of sessions and done within a day. There was no sending molds away and waiting, I had the setup done in the morning, and had the Cyclesoles in my shoes and ready to ride but the end of the day. They were extremely comfortable straight away with no hot spots and I especially liked that they were molded to fit my cycling shoes perfectly.

     The proof was in the results and being able to start full training straight away with them and racing on them within a week of having them made, resulting in a win in my first race with the Cyclesoles.

     Now after a full season racing with the Cyclesoles I am happy to report an injury free season and no noticeable wear, giving the impression I can get many more seasons out of the same pair.

     I was also very pleased and impressed with Sol from Austinbikes and his knowledge of making the Cyclesoles and setup specific to my needs.

Many thanks

Heath Blackgrove
12 time New Zealand National Champion
New Zealand Olympic representative
Winner of 10 races in 2011 with Cyclesoles


More testimonials......

After explaining to him my foot pain issue, he suggested I get fitted for a pair of "custom foot beds". I wasn't looking to drop another $300 but I am so happy that I did. After extensive research online, talking to a number of people including an orthopedic surgeon/sports medicine doctor the Cyclesoles that Sol fitted me with are the ONLY technique or solution that has had a dramatic impact on my foot pain.

-Jim Discher

I got the Cyclesoles with bamboo covers and have been riding 5 days a week since 29 June. My feet are just now getting used to them. No hot spots, some very slight tingling in my toes.the tingling comes and time i think i won't have a problem about it.I WOULD RECOMMEND CYCLESOLES WITH THE BAMBOO COVERS TO ANYBODY. They are great. Don't spend money trying other things; invest your money in cyclesoles. I was riding anywhere from 13-17 miles a day before the cyclesoles, my average mph was 13.45, and average time a mile was 4.37. With the cyclesoles my averages went to 15.73 mph and 3.77 average time per mile. if you want to end hot spots on your feet and increase your speed and lower you times SEE SOL.

-Jim Sipos

"Cycle Soles greatly improved my comfort level and efficiency right away. In August 2012, I completed the Leadville 100 mountain bike race. Two weeks prior to the race, Sol Frost at Austin Bikes custom made a pair of Cyclesoles for my brand new Sidi Dominator shoes. The fit was perfect, and the break-in time was almost non-existent. I was extremely pleased with how connected I felt to the pedals and subsequently my bike. I set a PR of 9 hrs and 4 mins at Leadville, and I greatly attribute this to how great I felt in my Cyclesoles!"

-Shannon Orr XC Pro Singlespeeder

The increased bike speed while nice is not the real story though since the change in fit & the footbeds have dramatically changed the stress on my feet which removed any sore spots I used to have after long rides. It seems like a no brainer but I did not realize that my feet were NOT suppose to be sore after a 4 hour ride. Really? Sol - Yes, Dan. Really!

- Dan Rose Age Group Triathlete

Cyclesoles ROCK! After a Summer of excruciating foot pain that was keeping me off the bike, Sol Frost crafted a pair of footbeds that got me back on the bike and enabled me to complete Paris-Brest-Paris. 1230k in 79:17 made me a believer! Thanks Sol! Absolutely could not have done it without your help! If you want to be more comfortable, go longer, faster, and lighter - get yourself some Cyclesoles from Austinbikes!

-Clay Wilson, Dallas